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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Whew! I think I may have finally gotten things straightened out a bit on this web site thanks to my good friend Shelly Pagliai.

fire truckI enjoyed my time at International Quilt Market in Minneapolis. There were a few glitches but nothing too major. Probably the craziest thing that happened was the hotel being evacuated when the fire alarm was set off. I was sitting there having breakfast with David Sanders when we were told to leave the hotel. I waited to leave until the fire trucks pulled up. (I was sure it was just a drill!) David finished his breakfast, then left.

So what was the big deal? A guest decided the sprinkler head in his/her room would be the ideal place to hang clothing. Yes, seriously! That made for some very drippy hallways and rooms.

I know this will come as a huge surprise but I did a little shopping there. I found a few things I couldn’t live without in Mary Koval’s booth. I found this lovely summer spread on a hanger.

summer spread

There is only one layer, no batting, no backing. All of the edges are finished and it has a wonderful pink border with mitered corners. I keep looking at this, wondering what it would look like if it were quilted. And what if that bow was appliqued instead of being embroidered? Or maybe the bow is just fine being embroidered?

pink border

It is lovely in its simplicity. Each flower is appliqued in place with a buttonhole stitch. While the thread doesn’t necessarily match the fabric, it adds to the piece rather than detracting.

detail summer sprea

I am curious to learn more about summer spreads. I want to know when they were popular and when they went out of fashion.

I think I have set myself on another research quest. Yikes!

The Plaids Have It!

There is something just a little bit wonderful about a quilt that has been made using many plaids. I’m not sure what it is that I find so appealing about that particular fabric. Maybe it’s because they remind me of those little dresses me and my sisters used to wear when we were children.

plaid quilt

I bought this quilt from a dealer on eBay a little over a year ago. I looked at it a long time before I bid on it. It looks just a bit scruffy and, in the description, it said it, “had a few age spots” on it. A few was putting it mildly because there are plenty of those spots on it. I have high hopes that a good soaking will get rid of many of the spots. But if not, I still love the quilt.
red and blue plaind

Good grief! I really did take some awful pictures of these blocks! At least you can see what they look like though.
blue plaid

If you look at the photo of the quilt, you can see the arrangement of the plaid blocks. They each march across the quilt on the diagonal.
purple plaid

My least favorite plaid on the quilt is the brown and blue.
brown plaid

Now that Spring has just about sprung, I will be able to wash this quilt and lay it out in the sunshine. I can’t wait to see how bright and fresh it will look once that happens!